About AppsMasters

We offer broadly understood software designing for many applications. Particularly, we specialize in creating computer, web and mobile applications as well as websites.

In the case of informational websites, which have the task to be a flagship for certain institutions, we offer a clear graphic template which is adapted to the expectations of the client. We also offer a Content Management System (CMS) which is used for easily accessible content management by the user. This enables the client to update the content on the created website on his own.

We approach each project uniquely in the effort to fully capture the nature of the service and meet the expectations of its customer.

Taking care of the highest quality of the service before we take action, we gather detailed knowledge about the actual needs and preferences of the visitor of the website or portal.

We use many languages associated with the creation of websites among other things:

  • CSS3 JavaScript (+ jQuery)
  • PHP5
  • SQL
  • Python along with DJANGO framework

Depending on the customer’s needs the designed web page or application can be put on the server.

We optimize solutions, providing a clear and transparent code which enables the internet site to operate quickly and to be correctly displayed in all popular browsers.

Moreover, we have many years of experience when it comes to computer networks.. We master skills in:

  • design
  • configuration
  • installation
  • network administration adapted to the design guidelines
  • system and software configuration adapted to the network architecture
Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive service concerning IT issues like: advisory services, aid in the selection of a software for various applications, creation of data base systems

Besides web applications we create as well all kinds of other applications compatible with the majority of popular operating systems (including mobile

We use many programming languages among other things:

  • C/C++, C#
  • Python + DJANGO framework
  • JAVA
  • Perl
  • other script languages

Our Services

Informational websites/ your web business card

Comprehensive web development adapted to the profile of the activity of the client. This is an excellent way to present it online.

Internet portals

Designing advanced websites with a built-in administrator panel and database system.

Web Aplications

High-value program, containing a number of mechanisms and available through the web browser. We offer creative solutions and intuitive service of them.

Responsive design

All our solutions are adapted to mobile devices which have all the popular operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows Phone).


Created from available templates, which make it easy to manage the online shop, or custom-made.

Computer Networks

Design, installation and administration of computer networks with constant technical support.

CMS Systems

Manage easily and add content to your web page. Thanks to the graphical interface created by us, you do not need constant supervision by a specialist in order to be able to modify its content. Great convenience, simplicity and speed of use.

Other IT services

We are open to different, non-standard issues concerning IT. We invite you to send us your suggestions and questions via the contact tab.